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After many years watching children I could quote many testimonials but I have chosen just a few of them. I feel proud  to have at least had the opportunity to help them.

"My son's life has changed so much since finding Carolina. We have been working with her for a few months and the difference is remarkable.  He has dyslexia and has been struggling with many aspects of school. He was very tense and felt very stressed at school, even with support put in place.

I would highly recommend anybody to get their child checked for Primitive Reflexes to unlock your child full potential to thrive in life."

Kay, Ayrshire 2023

"I have seen constant progress in my 6 year-old son with autism. A year ago he was unable to sit long at table, get touched, explain what he had done at school or hold a pencil.  He can do all of these now: sitting longer, drawing, accepting massages, explaining situations,  plus he has calmed down a lot.

The school also noticed massive difference in the way he acts and focus. 

It is a long way, but it is worthy!"

Joanna, Edinburgh 2023

A mum of a teenage boy talking about his Tics:

"My son suffered from tics from a very young age and he was taking medication for ADHD. I don't want that because basically he has not improved."

After treatment he was able to stop his medication.

Teresa, Barcelona 2018

A mum of a girl with dyslexia commented:

"I know dyslexia is a life-long condition but the therapy has encouraged her to go to school and cope with her exams. She has also gained self-esteem and self-confidence".

Laura, Barcelona 2020

A mother with a son unable to sit still and focus on tasks says:

"It was like a miracle to find this therapy. My son couldn't keep still. He can sit still now and even has improved his school marks".

Yolanda, Barcelona 2019

A mother with a daughter aged 6 with severe speech difficulties says:

"My daughter could hardly speak a word and she has improved her language and even her floppy muscle tone". 

Liu Ji,  Barcelona 2020

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