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Finding your plan 

Parents today usually worry about everything regarding nurturing, but not all matters require professional intervention. 

If you like to have a chat about your child to know if further intervention may be required, you could take the option of an online appointment. Perhaps redirecting you towards the correct specialist might be enough. 

Otherwise you can choose a face-to-face appointment to make an assessment and develop a personalised programme.

Consultations in both English and Spanish are available. 


Face-to-face appointments

Questionnaire and parents interview: £120

Assessment: £90

Following reviews: £70

Online appointment (around an hour): £60


Extra charges might be applied if school visits or reports are requested.

Payments are accepted by bank transfer once contacted.

I offer a free 15 minutes consultation to see if I can help you.

Children's Race

Please fill in the form specifying if you would like an online appointment or a face-to-face appointment

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