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Neurodevelopment Child Therapist Edinburgh
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Neurodevelopment Child Therapist Edinburgh

Member of the Development Practitioners Association UK

I am the first Rhythmic Movement Therapist in Edinburgh. This therapy is a drug-free educational programme from Sweden. It is grounded of scientific research about brain and childhood development.


Rhythmic Movement Therapy Consultant
MSc Child Neuropsychology
MSc in Language and Hearing Disorders
Psychology Hs.Degree in Barcelona University
Postgraduate in Dyslexia and spelling disorders


Carolina R Quintero

Child neurodevelopment practitioner

My approach

I have been working with children, from 2 to 15 years old, for fourteen years focussing on treatment and also on prevention. I think that issues become more complicated if not addressed through early intervention. 

In my years of experience I have witnessed many satisfactory outcomes using early intervention therapeutic plans. 

Adopting an holistic approach, considering the prenatal, perinatal and postnatal medical records of the child, plus currents issues such as behavior, diet, sleeping patterns, school progress and everything concerning their physical and mental development. Then I make an individual assessment of primitive reflexes, give feedback and advice to parents and help the child if needed. I do not simply treat symptoms, but try to find the origin of each child's difficulties, in other words, the root of the issue.

Because of my qualifications and background I am able to give information about: sensory-motor, language and speech, cognitive, social or emotional issues. I also offer support with parenting and educational patterns to help in development.

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