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If you like to find out more, here there are some scientific reviews 

This page pretends to share scientific knowledge about some of the last research on child development, reviews are displayed by condition or skill.

- Primitive Reflex activity in relation to the Sensory profile in healthy preschool children, 2020

-Persistence of Primitive Reflex and associated Motor problems in healthy preschool children, 2015

- Developmental Language Disorder and uninhibited Primitive Reflexes in young children, 2020

- Primary reflex persistence in children with reading diffculties (Dyslexia): a cross-sectional study, 2006

- Persistent Primitive Reflexes: a pragmatic study on school-aged children with intellectual disability.

- Persistent childhood Primitive Reflexes reduction effects on Cognitive, Sensorimotor, and Academic Performance in ADHD, 2020
- Neurosensorimotor Reflex integrationg for autism; a new Therapy modality paradigm, 2016
- The right to move assessing Neuromotor Readiness for learning. Why physical development in the early years supports educational success.
- Primitive Reflex activity in relation to Motor skills in healthy preschool children, 2021
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