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As parents, why might we be concerned?

Conditions that can be benefited are

- She/he looks tired most of  the time!

- He has balance difficulties.

- He struggles to sit still.

- Do not difference right to left.

- Bad handwriting or hand skills.

-My baby was premature and seems slow to develop.

- My child rocks themselves all the time.

- They study hard but they forget everything!

- They have low tone in their back.

- They are struggling with reading and writing,

- They do not feel safe riding a bike.

-They are still wetting the bed and they are more than 6  years old. 

- My child does not crawl but drag their bum on the floor .

- And more.....

Children from 0 to 16 years old with

  • ADHD or ADD

  • Dyslexia

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Sensory issues

  • Developmental delays

  • Learning disabilities

  • Dysgraphia

  • Dyspraxia

  • Behavioural issues

  • Language and speech delays

  • Tics (Tourette syndrom)

  • Under performance at school

  • Sleeping issues

  • Eating issues

  • Balance issues

How does it work

At the first appointment, your child's history beginning from conception to the present day will be taken. At the second appointment, the child will be assessed which will then result in a personalised programme. I will also be happy to advise you on the best steps forward for you and your child, once you have given the details of the assessment.

Unlike other therapies, this therapies requires team work. The team consists of you, the child and me. There will be movements and educational pattens that you will be asked to do at home under my guidance. Most of times, two sessions monthly are enough.

In some instances, other profesional intervention might be recommended such as dieticians or optometrists.

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